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How to pay for college

October 18, 2011

I look back on my college years with fond memories.  I’ll never forget when Tim (college roommate) and I drove onto the campus of FSU for the first time as freshmen.  Everywhere we looked there were girls. Everywhere.  And they were all dressed up…really dressed up.  Did I mention they were everywhere?  We later realized it was Rush Week, but man, what a way to begin the college career.

That being said, there were other great things about my college experience:

  • FSU National Championship my freshman year
  • finding our photo as “March” in the 1995 Seminoles Calendar
  • lifetime friendships
  • an acquired taste for Hamburger Helper
  • my introduction to They Might Be Giants
  • oh yeah, and a pretty good education

With all the news of Occupy Wall Street and a disgruntled group of post-graduates, I’ll take the rest of this week to discuss how to handle saving for and investing in a college education.  I’ll give you a hint, we won’t be blaming big business, the government, our parents, or anyone else.  At 18+ years old, it’s time to man (or woman) up, and make some choices that will benefit you for a lifetime. And parents, you can make some choices today that will instill the proper perspective and values for your children, and maybe help give them head start.

Until Thursday…Go Noles!!!  (In case you missed it, we took it to Duke on Saturday.  Yeah, we’re awesome.)

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