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How long do your gifts live?

November 8, 2011

How much crap will you buy this year for Christmas?  How much crap will you buy for your kids this year for Christmas?  If you’re anything like our family…A LOT!  Although, we’re hoping to reverse the trend just a little.

Do a quick clean-out of closets, toy boxes, or the garage and you’ll find a graveyard of broken, unused, and forgotten toys.  These toys are like sugar – they provide a temporary high and then the inevitable crash, with no lasting or redeeming value.  Now don’t get me wrong…sugar is AWESOME!  I eat it.  It’s good.  But I know bread is better.

As you do your Christmas shopping this year, I want you to ask one question…”How long will your gift live?”  Will you give gifts that will be dead and gone in a few months?  Or will your gifts be meaningful and have a long shelf life?  Actually, do both. Throw in some sugar, but be sure you include some bread.  Here a few ideas…

  • open an investment account and each year purchase bonds or stocks
  • blank canvas with art supplies (do this each year and set up annual art gallery in your home)
  • date night kit for kids or significant other
  • adopt a child through world vision or world help in their name
  • 2 gift cards – one for them and one they use for someone else

What other gift ideas do you have with a long life expectancy?

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  1. ariel permalink
    November 8, 2011 8:45 am

    great ideas thanks!

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