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I got the moves like Jagger…

November 29, 2011

No.  No I don’t.  Not even close.  I secretly hope I’ll have access to some mad popper skills in heaven.  That would be cool.  (I also hope that song dies a slow, painful death, but that’s for another post.) But until then, me and the dance floor will maintain our awkward relationship.

Dancing is not my thing.  You have to be born with rhythm.  Yes, I can improve with practice, but I’ll never be a great dancer.  Most skills require some, if not a whole lot of, natural talent.  Very few people will have the moves like Jagger (on so many levels.)

But here’s something we all have the capacity to perfect.  We can all learn to give like Jesus.  As I’ve discussed before, giving and generosity are critical to creating margin in your life.  You’ll never master money until you bring the right perspective and motivation, and you have to look no further than Jesus for a road map.

As we approach Christmas, I’ll take the next few weeks to look at how, when, and why Jesus gave.  And these skills are not determined by our genes or pre-disposed physical abilities.  Jesus has given each of us what we need to be generous.  Some have more money, some have more personality, some have more time, but we all have what we need.

So, by Christmas, here’s hoping you have the moves like Jesus.

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