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Tim Tebow your finances

January 10, 2012

Whether you love him or hate him, Tim Tebow has been one of the most fascinating stories in sports this year.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m a die-hard Seminole fan, and it’s been very difficult to root for Tebow.  However, I love what he stands for, how he plays the game, and how he handles himself off the field.  So, if you need a little inspiration for handling your personal finances in 2012, you need look no further than #15 for the Denver Broncos:

1.  Be tough – Tim Tebow is not a quarterback…he’s an NFL fullback who happens to play QB.  And he approaches the game like a fullback or linebacker.  He also gets hammered in the media for the things he can’t do well…but takes it all in stride.   Choosing to make the necessary decisions to get your financial house in order is difficult.  It might require driving a junker, downsizing your home, staying home while your friends go out, or taking a second job.  You have to approach it with the mental toughness of a linebacker.  You might also face some ridicule from friends and families for your “extreme” choices.  You just keep playing hard…at the end of the day, you’ll get the win.

2.  Make your money count – Tebow has the worst completion percentage among active NFL QBs. He’s not even close to 2nd to last…he’s dead last by A LOT.  But he makes his pass completions count, usually for big gainers.  Don’t think you have to be rich to win with money.  Don’t think you have to be rich to retire early and pursue your dreams.  You just have to be diligent about making every dollar count. Set up an account at  Make a budget.  Stick to it.  Before you know it you’ll be connecting on an 80yd pass to Thomas in overtime!

3.  Limit costly mistakes – Tebow and the Broncos win because they limit costly turnovers.  You can get away with some small mistakes, but there are a few mistakes you can’t afford to make and still win with your money.  When it comes to the big ticket items of your budget, hold on to the football tightly! Don’t overspend in housing, vehicles, or food.  These are the three areas that pretty much kill everyone. AND AVOID CONSUMER DEBT – that’s just like turning the ball over in the red zone!

4.  Set an example off the field – In other words, be generous.  Don’t let your budget be all about you. Make a conscious decision that 10% of whatever you earn, you will give away.  Tebow is great about deflecting praise on to his teammates, and understanding that life is so much more than football.  Money is a tool to pursue the dreams you were created for, and those dreams should be centered in others.  If it ever becomes about the money, you’ve lost.

So, approach your budget like Tebow does football.  Who knows, you just might surprise a few people…including yourself.

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