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retirement tools

How much do you need for retirement?

Fidelity Retirement Planner – great, interactive tool for determining what you need for retirement. Recommend this to everyone!

Yahoo Finance Retirement Calculator – for all you no frills, spreadsheet lovers

Kiplinger’s Retirement Savings Calculator – probably the most accurate of the three, asking specific questions and making fewer assumptions.

What should your asset allocation be?

Bankrate Asset Allocation Calculator – uses a sliding scale of 7 different variables and recommends an asset allocation.  Remember, this is just a recommendation – asset allocation is much more art than science.  I still recommend you get advice from an investment professional when making retirement investments.

Impact of Increasing/Decreasing Contributions

Yahoo Finance 401K Calculator – this tool allows you to quickly see what an increase or decrease in contributions can do to your 401K balance.  Amazing what a slight increase can do for your future balance!

Mutual Fund/Stock Selector – requires a free membership, but the most comprehensive site when evaluating mutual funds and stocks.  As mentioned earlier, please get professional advice when selecting mutual funds and stocks.

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  1. Fernando Locascio permalink
    July 24, 2012 5:07 am

    Retirement is of course inevitable and we should always prepare for our retirement age. We should always get health insurance as we age. ‘“`*

    Till next time“>

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